Episode 3: Hookups in supermarket and connection over time

Anna appeals to the good nature of the border officials to let her cross the border from the US back to Canada to support women with their health needs.

We talk about pulling (geordie word) or hookups on trains and in supermarkets, having the right aurora and smile to attack others and how to come from a place of abundance rather than lack. How to go mail order partner shopping with the power of the full moon. We help you to start tapping into your amazingness to get your glow on. 

Relationship remedies discuss the shift in relationships and what to do when it feels like you’ve both moved so far from each other. Maybe you see yourself in this, tune in for some soothing words. 

Finally, Anna & Sara almost go head to head in a coach death match ………. watch this space for a special podcast ….. to be scheduled!

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