Episode 11: Being trapped on desert island with your partner

Fall (or Autumn for all the Europeans) has landed and Anna is enjoying board games and meeting new friends, chatting about long distances relationships. Sara is making green soup and batten down the hatches prepping for winter. There is reminiscing about travel (which brings the mood down) as they feel the insanity of lockdown. After a brief moment of feeling the black mood, they bring it back up again. 

The girls cheer the couple that got married during the unofficial Jersey Marathon – latest from the news love desk!

The Hot Topic this week – Would you want to be trapped on a desert island with your partner? This might break a few relationships…… whoops, sorry! Is it akin to being in lockdown and stuck with your partner since March 2020 ….. which feels like 568 months! Are you ready to take the relationships to reset retreat challenge with your other half? 

Relationship Remedies – “My partner brings his work problems home and it’s affecting our personal life, what should I do?”

They mentioned an article that might help about not taking on others emotions, here’s a link

And they end after the relationship remedy workout dreaming of Irish Baileys Coffee all round! The girls leave feeling frisky. 

Till next week  …………………