Episode 12: Telling your partner what you earn & sex when you don’t fancy them ….

Anna & Sara discuss childbirth vs uber eats and who we are as humans.  What are our needs? Anna is staying still and enjoying a reflective life, this is a major achievement.

The international news desk ……….. recognises how difficult life can be right now in the current climate. Life is tough! Be grateful for you have now and practice kindness for each other. Look out for each other, life is not business as usual right now. 

The hot topic, is this deathmatch between Anna & Sara? Should you tell your partner how much you earn? They are poking the bear ….. where is the energy?

Question of the week …. “How do you have sex with your partner when you don’t fancy them?”

Oh my … this is a question …. tune in ….

Maybe after this podcast, you might be on for exploration …. 

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