Episode 13: Staying friends with your ex

Anna’s getting ready to go back to NY she is missing her man but already missing Toronto before she’s left … Sara is done with the social experiment of COVID and ready to travel the world again. 

Sara reveals her experience at a new local restaurant (Shinzo) who have Japanese loos where you can have a wash & blow-dry!  Once you’ve experienced a heated toilet seat you’ll never want to go back. 

The second reveal of the day is an unsolicited FB message from an unwanted person who quickly goes from wanted to be friends to F off in the space of about 2.5 mins …….. 

The international correspond serves up advice from a sex educator and the secret to sex in a long-term relationship and the first doesn’t happen in the bedroom. 

The hot topic for the day under review is “Stay friends with your ex …” tune in to find out where Sara & Anna stand on this. 

The question for the week ……….  “Should you have an affair to save your marriage?”

It was quite a week, fall is in full flight and the girls are embracing the sunshine. There’s a full moon heading our way so it’s time to write your amazon man shopping list for the moon to deliver and request the relationship you deserve. 

Till next time!