Episode 14: Breaking up is never easy to do!

The girls are excited and giddy today!

Sara’s getting ready for two weeks of chillout as she exits the planet and takes a break. Anna is getting ready to leave Canada and head back to her man. 

With jazz hands to introduce the relationship international news correspondence desk (aka love desk) is sharing how to express gratitude to your partner.  

The hot topic is a goodie – the girls discuss recovering from a break-up! We have all been there and it’s a tough, dark place to be. Tune in to find out more and full acknowledgement of how bad this can feel. 

Author Shout out – William Bridges – Transitions: Making sense of life’s changes

The question of the week – “How do I help my partner find a job?” it’s not all as it may seem. 

Slightly longer podcast tody, there is shutting the girls up today and yep they mention sex again at the end ……