Episode 15: Where to spend Christmas & manipulation

The girls are excited for podcast time, hope you are too. 

Sara get’s the round around and Anna is vaselining her palms which totally flaws Sara. Anna goes way too deep but claws it back by moving on to the love desk! 

The love desk and our relationship correspondence shares tips for virtual dating during lockdown. From virtual happy hours to truth or dare (saucy ….maybe) tune in for the rest. 

The hot topic is all about Christmas and navigating where you spend Christmas as a couple, trickier than it sounds and can be a family divide. Perhaps lockdown will solve a few problems for some and bring sorrow for others. Learn how to recognise the shoulds and who’s fruit trifle and Yorkshire puds are getting in the way of what you want. 

The question this week ……. with a raise of the double eyebrow ……… “How can I manipulate my partner into doing what I want them to  do?” …… what will the girls say to this one …. take a listen. All was going well till Anna’s cat decided to host a zoom zoom party and try some virtual dating. Then left field Anna gets frisky and Sara can’t resist going there too. 

There was a slight obsession with garden sheds and fairy lights as the girls celebrate Christmas a tad early. 

Wise words shared, some fun and fisty topics aired and the girls need a little lie-down and a glass of something.