Episode 6: Is your ego out to play & affairs in marriage

Its been a busy week for Anna & Sara. Anna is back from her vacation in North Carolina and she is all loved up! Sara has finished and launched her new free relationship health check, you can find it here. 

We discuss friendships and how important it is to stay connected especially during a pandemic. We all need a good supportive friend just like a supportive bra!

Anna has a holiday slur if we didn’t know any better or that she is recording at 8 in the morning we’d think she been on the vino. We find out that Sara is always right but no she doesn’t have any ego  ….. Hmmmm …. me thinks that can’t be true. The wrecking ball comes out to and the butterflies emerge. And we digress from trashy mags, holidays sweets and then the need for a salad. 

There’s some juicy discussion about affairs, are they a good idea when you are still married but it’s on the rocks! We are back to the health clinic check-ins and taking precautions. 

We may have just found our head-to-hear topic for coach death match ……. thanks for tuning in!