Episode 7: Locked into marriage on the starship

Anna is in lockdown, she made it to Canada safely. She’s in isolation to protect the nation but still serving clients. We discuss the health benefits of having a 20 second hug with your significant other. 

The hot topic discussion started with a question, would you still be willing to get married if a divorce wasn’t an option …… it quickly progressed to robots, starships and the church. It’s a blockbuster in the making! (If James Cameron is listening, Anna & Sara are more than happy to flesh out this idea). 

Relationship Remedies – We had a great question this week about couples and different interest, how important is this or is it deal breaker …….. or should differences be celebrated? 

Here’s a few things we mentioned this week and said we’d share …..

1. The beautiful quote “Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls” – Khalil Gibran 

2. Article The 5 stages of a relationship

And we end on a hug, physical connection and missing travel …. until those days we can all do this, give someone you love a hug today.