Am I depressed? Or am I just not living my purpose?

As a family physician, I encounter a lot of people who are feeling stuck in fatigue, poor sleep and low mood. In the traditional medical model, we’d reach for pills. But as a coach, I recognize the incredible opportunity to see the inner wisdom and power of the individual before me. I believe that everyone has an inner powerhouse – a Ferrari – just waiting to be polished off and started up.

When I’m working with people who wonder whether they’re depressed and need medication, I perform evidence-based diagnostic tools to help individuals find the right treatment for them. When I identify that a person does NOT fit diagnostic criteria for depression, I add my coaching skills to the encounter, and I start asking hard questions:

– What’s keeping you up at night?
– How did you see your life playing out at this age when you were young?
– What was your dream life? Are you living it?
– If I could wave a magic wand and, tomorrow, you could wake up in any life you dreamed of, how would that look like?
– What’s standing in the way of you living that dream life now?

We live cluttered, stressful lives. We are often striving blindly toward fulfilling other people’s expectations. We are often chasing ghosts, and living up to just a fraction of our potential.

If you’re wondering how Person X you admire has discovered their dream life or managed to achieve big goals, know that no one is super-human. The way ordinary people achieve big goals is merely by identifying and overcoming their fears, and stepping onto the stage of their life “as if” they were the most powerful, magnetic, incredible person in the world. With courage and practice, every individual can learn how to believe in their inner greatness, and step into those shoes.

Practice makes perfect, and the world follows the lead of a confident person. Learn to step into your confidence, and the world will believe in you, invest in you, and be attracted to you. Boldly put a voice to your Big Dream and share your passion and purpose with conviction and without reservation – the world will get excited and you will draw a following.

Every person has a Ferrari within. As a coach, it is an incredible experience to meet that inner greatness and coax it to the surface. I have transformed my life through engagement in coaching and I now feel in command of my life and the directions I take. I own my successes. I believe everyone should feel that same surge of power within. Everyone deserves to meet their own greatness through coaching. Is it your time?