140. Would you marry yourself?

Yep, the old ladies are still talking about spring and warmer weather!

Sara is showing some annoyance though that her new love desk hasn’t been delivered yet, when we say annoyance and frustration it’s delivered in a very British way with a dose of apology and consideration!


Love Desk

6 signs you’re getting too comfortable in your relationship! Surprisingly though not a pair of flannel pj’s in sight …..


The girls sware they could have written this article though, very Geordie Lass & Docc Sass! Anna is rounding the segment off with a bit of a boob shot!


Hot Topic

Would you marry yourself? 

It’s a resounding yes from Sara’s partner, he would marry himself hands down. 



“I’m sure my relationship is heading for divorce, we’ve been together for 25 years but don’t seem to be able to talk to each other, lately the arguments come thick and fast!”


Is there a way to slow down that 0 to 100 feel you need to shift it to the divorce courts when you hit a troublesome patch in your relationship? Take a listen and find out. 


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