141. What are boundaries?

Anna’s polishing up on her Greek as she’s out in Athens again.  


Love Desk

It’s survey time and it’s not you, it’s me …… hmmm take a listen to find out what it’s all about. 


Hot Topic

What are boundaries?


Often talked about but rarely defined. Anna and Sara share a real-life example on the call, Anna an over talker….. you don’t say! This topic certainly got the girls talking. 



“I think about sex a lot, I’m often curious about how much my partner thinks about sex, I’m scared to ask in case he thinks badly of me. What’s a normal about of time to think about sex?”


Was Anna writing this question? If you want to use the tennis analogy, then tune in to find out more. 


The girls are testing us this week with some tough challenges to start working on our relationship! In the meantime Anna’s off to tango, not sure if it’s the dance floor type. 


Till next time!


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