144. Is a stable relationship boring?

The sirens are invading the pod again today, Sara’s at the new desk of love creating more mess and things are hotting up for Anna. It’s sending her all of a dither. Sara’s in wardrobe chaos but she’s keeping fitness top of mind. Both the girls are flexing their muscles on and off the podcast. 


Love Desk

There’s a new trend that’s not to be embraced, delicate dumping. 

Anna needs to stair’s more take a listen to find out why. 


Hot Topic

Is a stable relationship boring? 

The girls have a great take on what really is boring in a relationship and it might not be what you thought it was. It’s time to re-think what constitutes boring in a relationship and it’s time to look at how to stop the slide into mediocracy. 



“I’ve been suffering panic attacks for days after drinking, can go months without drinking but when I go for it, I go for it. My partner is a big drinker and is always asking me to drink, sometimes I give in but I don’t like the feeling I get for days after. I’ve tried giving up permanently but can’t seem to.”


This week’s podcast is all about learning to adult! The girls are ready for it, are you? 


Till next time!


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