143. How to get your needs met

Anna has a sexy voice today, she’s doing the late-night edit. The girls have both been on their travels, Sara’s enjoyed some airport people-watching fun and Anna’s bathing in the Aegean sea. Sara’s still waiting for her magical cheque (or any post), so she can give up work and travel more, even worse Anna’s looking for drug money. 


Love Desk

The new love desk is fully erected (not without its challenges, just like a relationship), and the desk is finally ready to report. This week Sara’s reporting on Swedish death cleaning. Confused, all will become clear, take a listen. 


Hot Topic

How to get your needs met

Sara’s losing her mind and podcast flow. Thankfully she’s able to bring it back and discuss why this topic is the biggest driver of relationship impasses today. 



“I kissed my friend, I’m not sure how it happened, I guess I’ve had feelings for a while but I don’t know what came over me. The thing is I then panicked and ran away, we’ve not spoken since, how do I handle this?”


Anna’s heading in all kinds of directions with this one, there are so many parts missing, anything is possible. First and foremost it’s releasing the self-judgement before this listener can move on. It’s time to be an adult and face up to this. Sometimes we need to face our embarrassment, Sara’s knows all about this as she shares stories from the past. 


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