148. Introducing admiration in your relationship

Get ready for an exciting episode as Anna dedicates herself to recording in an obscure location, while Sara’s daughter is back from uni and on the hunt for the money tree before jetting off on holiday. It’s summer break, and schools are out!

Love Desk: It’s time for some insightful research!

Discover why couples who manage their money together tend to stay together longer. Are you all-in when it comes to shared finances, or do you prefer to keep things separate on two separate islands? Join the discussion and find out which side of the fence you’re on.

Hot Topic: Introducing admiration in your relationship

Do you admire your partner? And more importantly, do you let them know? In this segment, learn how sharing moments of admiration can deepen the bond and create a stronger connection with your significant other. It’s time to spread love by actively creating moments of love contagion. Discover the power of admiration in the Relationship Reset program, and start building each other up. Click here to access the program. We are feeling the loving vibes with Anna!

Question: “My plan for my relationship is to cook for my husband, tend to the house, work hard, buy flowers each week, spend time talking to my partner, and say ‘I love you’ often. What am I missing?”

Get ready for a relationship death match as Anna and Sara have differing interpretations of this question. Stay tuned as they dive deep into the topic. Sara feels frustrated and hears the alarm bells ringing due to the lack of security in the relationship. Her passion for relationships shines through as she takes the stage and shares her thoughts with the masses.

Teaser for Next Week: Buckle up for a discussion on manipulation next week. Anna and Sara are bringing their A-game, so don’t miss out on this captivating episode.

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