149. Managing your relationship

Get ready for an electrifying episode as the girls gear up, with Anna even putting on her boxing gloves. Brace yourself for a spicy conversation! Meanwhile, Sara spills the beans on weather talk as she unveils her stunning garden makeover and proudly introduces her new plant babies.


Love Desk: This week, we’re keeping it short and sweet with a powerful quote, tune in to discover the wisdom it holds.


Hot Topic: Managing your relationship Are we truly managing our relationships, or does it veer into the realm of manipulation? It’s time for some introspection and open communication. In the Relationship Reset, we offer a valuable tool to help you create your own love story.

Honesty is key. Any hidden manipulation in a relationship is often felt, even if not explicitly acknowledged. This can erode trust without us realizing it. Join the discussion on the complexities of managing relationships.


Question: “My husband recently experienced a major health scare, and he’s become mean, nasty, and we’re constantly bickering. There’s a complete lack of intimacy, and I feel lost.”

Fear lies at the heart of this question, and it’s the one aspect the girls can agree on. However, they each have a different perspective on the listener’s situation. Join us as we unravel the layers and explore potential medical insights that might shed light on what’s happening.


Sara is managing herself as she prepares for her daughter’s return from a girls’ trip. Exciting times are ahead!

Stay tuned for the next episode!


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