152. What was the thing, before the thing?

Anna touches on the soar subject as she shares her heatwave stories with Sara facing autumnal conditions. Just at the point that Sara’s sorted her summer wardrobe, perhaps that’s why the weather has turned.

Love Desk: Dive into our latest research findings on what behaviours bond happy couples. This sparks a lively debate between the girls. Anna’s views are strong and unwavering, making for an engaging exchange of perspectives.

Hot Topic: What was the thing, before the thing?

Ever wondered about “the thing before the thing”? It’s not just the symptoms that matter; understanding the root cause of both negative and positive situations with your partner can lead to deeper connections. Explore the fascinating world of underlying issues and challenges that shape relationships.

Question: “Would you date someone who called their mom every night at 7.45?”

This week’s question is a gem! Join us as we delve into the impact of this seemingly simple behaviour and share personal anecdotes that shed light on its significance.

While the popular temperature choice for Jersey is 18 degrees, Anna’s determined to bring a bit of European warmth to Sara. As she enjoys life in Athens, will her hot girl dress match the sizzling climate? Stay tuned for her exciting trip updates and a newfound appreciation for Love Desk research.

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