151. Lessons in love!

Anna’s has a great weekend as she’s been on a girlie sleepover, something Sara’s missing out on now she lives with a boy. Sara’s welcomed her daughter back from holiday and she’s loving her yoga life. 


Love Desk: Have you heard of the grey rock method, tune in if you haven’t heard of this before. It’s a new one for Sara and it’s struck a chord with Anna. 


Hot Topic: Lessons in love!

Anna starts us off with a bang, she’s sharing her secret sauce with us all. Such a great topic to discuss this week, the girls take a moment of reflection and look back at past relationships to learn how to be in the future. 


Question: “My partner and I have been arguing a lot lately, and I find myself getting really upset and angry. How can I communicate effectively with my partner when I’m feeling this way?”


The girls have a lot to share on this question, spoiler alert, they are talking about communication again, amongst other things. They could keep talking about this one for some time to come. 


They are fired up this week!


Till next time!


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