142. Boundaries vs requests

Finally, Sara’s new love desk has arrived! The next love desk will be live from a new venue! 


Love Desk

Modern trends of divorce we need to be aware of, it’s quite a list. 


Hot Topic

Boundaries vs requests

This is a neat segway from last week’s podcast, take a listen if you’ve not caught that one, then dive right back in here. It’s so important to distinguish between the two. Every day is a learning day. 


The girls also bond over their shared squeamishness. 



“I’ve heard so much about manifesting, it is really possible to manifest your perfect relationship?”


Another popularised topic! The girls have a mini spat over journals, Sara’s a big fan and they can play a part in manifestations. The sirens are fired up in Athens as they agree with the girls and their points of view. 


Till next time!


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