150. The Reality of a Family Holiday

Join us for an exciting new episode filled with summer adventures, life-changing decisions, and insightful discussions. Sara is making the most of the outdoors and her garden this summer! Tune in to hear about her fun-filled activities and how she’s embracing the season.

Anna has some exciting news to share! She’s spilling the beans and announcing that she’s moving to Greece. Get ready for wine o’clock pod recordings and an adventure of a lifetime as she prepares to embrace a new chapter.


Love Desk

Brace yourself for craziness at the Love Desk this week! Discover the intriguing reason by tuning in to this episode right away!

Hot Topic The Reality of a Family Holiday

With the summer holidays approaching, family trips are on everyone’s minds. Sara reminisces about past family vacations, sharing both the delightful moments and the unexpected challenges. Expectations and reality can sometimes be mismatched during a summer break. Get some valuable tips and ideas from the girls on how to make the most of your summer time off. This topic is so engrossing that there may even be a part two coming soon!



“If your spouse says it’s over and wants a divorce, is it okay to find happiness with someone else, or should you wait?”

Anna addresses the question head-on, and the conversation veers towards sex, with no surprises. Is it permission to move on and find happiness elsewhere? Facing this situation can be a harsh shock, but it’s time to get real about what you want for your future. Take the driver’s seat and take charge of your life.

As the episode wraps up, Sara takes a moment to appreciate the beauty of her garden, leaving you with a sense of tranquillity.


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